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Bus Driver Salary in United States

May 09 2021 · How much does a Bus Driver make in the United States? Average base salary Data source tooltip for average base salary. ... Less than 1 year-1 to 2 years: $15.63. 3 to 5 years-6 to 9 years-More than 10 years: $19.72. Was the years of experience information useful? Maybe.

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How Long Do Buses and Other Transit Vehicles Last?

Jan 16 2019 · If they keep their buses for 12 years then they can be expected to purchase (1000/12) 83 new buses every year. If they keep their buses for 20 years however they would only need to acquire (1000/20) 50 new buses every year. If a bus costs $500000 then they have saved their capital budget ($500000*33) $16500000 a year.

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